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Thursday, 27 AUGUST 2020

How to make your personal LinkedIn profile shine

Most of us have a LinkedIn account, but when was the last time you updated your profile? LinkedIn has 25m users in the UK and 40 per cent of users who engage with the platform on a monthly basis access it every day. Join Magenta for a 30-minute webinar on how to make your profile stand out, grow your network and share your expertise.

We discuss how to get the perfect profile picture (even with a phone), how to write a creative summary, and the benefits of keeping your work experience, education and volunteering section up-to-date. We also share top tips for growing and maintaining your network, and how LinkedIn articles are a great way to position yourself as a thought leader.

Wednesday, 19 August 2020

In conversation with... Helen Parton

What is it like to be a journalist living through and reporting on a crisis? How can workplace leaders contribute to the ‘future of work’ conversation in a meaningful way? And what does it take to cut through the noise and share the stories that matter? Join Magenta for an “in conversation with…” award winning built environment journalist and editor of the London Society Journal, Helen Parton. 

Helen is an architecture and interiors journalist who specialises in writing about how design can make people happier and more productive at work. This 30-minute Q&A will also offer a guided tour of the workplace journey to date with a view to establishing what’s next for the world of work. Hear Helen’s take on how the world of journalism has responded to and changed in the face of Covid-19, and discover the art of storytelling.

Thursday, 16 July 2020

In conversation with... Dr Ken van Someren

Emerging from the COVID-19 lockdown and planning the return to the office, what have we learned from the greatest workplace experiment never designed? Join Magenta for an “in conversation with…” Dr Ken van Someren, director of performance at Boost Cognition. This 30-minute Q&A explores what we can do to ensure our people and organisations thrive. 

Ken is a world-leading expert in human performance, with unique knowledge of what it takes to achieve excellence in both sport and business. An architect of Great Britain’s success at London 2012’s Olympics, Ken led the support of British athletes to their historic medal haul. More recently, Ken has applied the winning formula of elite sport to enhance workplace performance and productivity. Ken is Director of Performance at Boost Cognition, working with organisations to put employee wellbeing and performance at the forefront of business thinking.


Thursday 2 July 2020

Q&A with Bob Fox, Founder of Work Design Magazine

Work Design Magazine, a leading online publication exploring ideas that shape the places we work, has launched The Next Work Environment Competition.

Given the challenges that COVID-19 has placed on our health, economy and workspaces, Work Design Magazine is searching for new and innovative ideas to create safe, productive, and comfortable work environments for the future. The goal of the competition is to uncover ideas that can be used by organisations to quickly get employees back to work in a safe, stress-free, and productive manner.

To celebrate the launch of the competition – and to spread a bit of positivity across both sides of the pond – Magenta interviewed Bob Fox, chairman & principal of FOX Architects and founder of Work Design Magazine, to explore how by applying a bit of creative thinking we can raise the bar for the entire industry.

Tuesday 30 June 2020

How to Communicate Bad News

At some stage in our lives, we all have to break bad news. Unfortunately, it’s a common occurrence at work. For employers, delivering bad news is a reality of the job, a fact that has come into sharp focus since the COVID-19 pandemic hit in March 2020.

And when it’s your turn to communicate the difficult decisions that are being made to safeguard the future of the business, you will be in the spotlight. If you fail to master the art of delivering bad news respectfully, gracefully and clearly, then the person on the receiving end may suffer more than they have to.

Understandably, the leaders making difficult decisions will feel anxious when the time comes to communicate change, which is why the team at workplace communication experts Magenta Associates have run a webinar series on how to break bad news well.

Wednesday 6 May 2020

Communicating the Return to the Office

Within the next few weeks and months, corporate offices will start opening their doors again. This reoccupation will be gradual – there’s not going to be the sudden influx of people in the same way that there was the sudden exodus in mid-March.

But just as people had concerns when they left the office, they will be equally anxious about re-entering the workplace with questions around safety, wellbeing, the behaviour of other colleagues and the future of their role and the wider business. Addressing these concerns and communicating the new normal in a clear, transparent and open way will be important.

Here are some top tips from the team at Magenta Associates, the workplace communication experts.

Thursday 21 April 2020

Home-Working: A Survival Guide

If you’re going a bit crazy working from home, fret not – here are Kinnarps’ and Magenta’s top tips to turn you into nimble home-working masters.

Whether you’re working on your kitchen table, from a dedicated home office space, or even if you’re stuck in a corner trying to avoid your partner, kids and pets – there are small steps you can take to ensure you work as effectively and productively as possible while maintaining your sanity during these challenging times.

Thursday 16 April 2020

How to be Super Effective on a Video Call

This 30-minute webinar will take you through some simple, easy to implement steps which will enable you to be your best self on video.

We will look at how to inspire, influence, motivate and engage as well as get clarity in your messages and maximise your relationships with others via webcam. By the end your confidence will be soaring.

Come armed with a notebook and pen and get ready to become a video master!

Wednesday 15 April 2020

Communicating with Furloughed Employees

Furlough. Most of us had never used the word before Chancellor Rishi Sunak’s launch in March of the Government’s Coronavirus Job Retention Scheme. Now it’s the word on everyone’s lips. But there remains huge confusion about the status of furloughed employees and what they can – and can’t – do.

Most of these employees will return to their old jobs once the Coronavirus pandemic has passed, lockdowns are lifted and the economy starts recovering. So it’s essential that employers maintain a good relationship with their teams during this uncertain period.

This webinar from the team at Magenta Associates will help organisations to better communicate with furloughed teams.
It offers top tips and practical advice on what you should – and shouldn’t – do as an employer while also ensuring your furloughed teams are kept engaged and motivated.

Wednesday 25 March 2020

Communicating with Remote Teams

The Coronavirus outbreak has been described as a massive work-from-home experiment with many organisations instigating remote working policies for the first time.

If your company is introducing remote working, then you need to think carefully about how you communicate with your people. Some will have experience of working from home, others won’t and may find it challenging.

By setting out some clear guidance, early on, the process can be made pain free for everyone.

Join our webinar to receive some top tips.