Eve Dickie


Eve Dickie is a recent MSc graduate in Marketing and Consumer Psychology from the University of Sussex. Before this, she completed a BA in English Language and Literature at the University of Oxford. In-between, she worked in a Marketing and Membership role. Her longstanding love for writing about literature easily translated into PR and marketing writing and research. 
From her previous marketing role and varied studies, Eve developed a strong yet adaptable written voice. Her recent dissertation focused on digital marketing and explored the impact of Augmented Reality technological advancements in the Beauty Filters accessed on social media. 
Eve’s account executive role involves assisting and working with Magenta’s consultants to offer tailored services for clients, helping the Magenta team remain successful.

In her spare time, Eve enjoys all things creative. A modernist fan at heart, she likes to paint abstract works digitally, with acrylics, and watercolours. An avid craft and jewellery-making fan, she enjoys being hands on– a mentality she brings to the workplace.

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