Heather Ward

A profile picture of Heather Ward, employee experience manager at Magenta Associates

Employee experience manager

Heather has a wealth of experience in events, internal communications, project and people management. Her background includes working as an executive assistant at news company Reuters, supporting the global editor and executive team, and organising corporate events for colleagues in London, Scotland and Helsinki. As the Magenta team’s employee experience manager, Heather creates a positive experience in the workplace, organising team events, and developing and driving the company’s health and wellbeing programme.

Outside of Magenta, Heather founded and runs Director’s Cut Theatre Company – a company that trains and mentors professional actors, writers and directors. She runs creative writing workshops for playwrights, many of whom work in PR and journalism. She also directs and produces large scale theatre productions in some of London’s top fringe theatres. In her spare time, Heather loves to write poetry and travel.