Dannie-Lu Carr

Associate (public speaking trainer)

Dannie is a leadership, communications and creativity specialist, providing speaking engagements, seminars, workshops and consulting all over the world, both virtually and in person. She is direct, gritty, empathic and approachable in her style; strong at pushing for people to move past their blocks, resourceful and resilient when managing complex situations. Her style is honest and challenging, yet fair. She is a tenacious, no-nonsense person who owns the skills to get people to think past their usual mindset & seriously step up to get beyond their perceived limit. Dannie is also a published author, poet, singer/songwriter, award-winning theatre director. She is founder of Creative Wavelengths TM and the Women’s Leadership initiative Flaming Leadership. As part of the Magenta team, Dannie-Lu provides one-to-one coaching and group workshops to help people to master the art of public speaking.

Articles by Dannie-Lu Carr