Simon Iatrou

Director communications North America

After 18 months as Magenta’s content manager, Simon moved to North America to sell the Magenta dream across the Atlantic. His background is in journalism having spent a decade editing magazines and websites for the facilities management industry. These roles gave him a breadth of knowledge in FM, outsourcing, corporate real estate, workplace design and management, and HR. 

Simon is a passionate believer in the power of storytelling and contends that its tenets hold true in all forms of writing, from classic literature to public relations. His aim is to always produce thought-provoking, engaging and accessible content. In his spare time, Simon is known to rant about books, films and big ideas. Magenta’s head office is quieter without him.

Articles by Simon Iatrou

The Magenta Associates team hold up banners for the #FMasONE campaign this World FM Day

Stay safe on World FM Day

This isn’t the World FM Day that anyone expected. The theme planned for this year’s international celebration of facilities management, ‘Celebrating our environment’, feels secondary to

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