Facilities Show 2019: Day 3

It’s third and final day at the Facilities Show and the Magenta team will be attending again! Here’s what’s in store today:





Skills & talent in FM

11.00 – 11.45

What do we class as talent and skill? Attracting the best talent in Facilities Management is becoming increasingly important due to the shortage of professionals in the sector. In this session, panellists will be discussing the trials and tribulations of finding and attracting talent in FM.


Company culture, recognition and getting a seat in the board room

11.55 – 12.40

This discussion will reveal how to get proper recognition in the board room, featuring Matt Chapman, chief development officer UK & Ireland at Atalian Servest and Gregory Blondeau, co-founder and MD of Proxyclick.  Chaired by our very our content manager Simon Iatrou, the session will get to grips with how we can make sure FMs provide value and most importantly, prove it.


Diversity and inclusion in the workplace

14.10 – 14.55

Diversity and inclusion in the workplace is something that organisations are striving to achieve. This session will discuss how well FM is doing when it comes to diversity in the workplace. Does more still need to be done?


Don’t forget to come and say hello if you see any of the M-People!


Ben Keeley