My experience with virtual onboarding

I’ve heard lots of cant’s and cannots surrounding this pandemic. Of course, restrictions with lockdowns have forced the word can’t down our throats but our limitations aren’t infinite. I always thought recruitment would be extremely challenging prior to joining Magenta. That face-to-face introduction being replaced by a glitchy computer screen that freezes every few minutes, struggling to ask for help during the learning process, and building relationships with colleagues. Yet my doubt was unnecessary, as I learnt something important when I finally joined the M-People.

“Virtual onboarding is something we CAN do”.

I am lucky enough to have a team like Magenta ease me through the virtual front door. The effort and care they put into my introduction has been nothing short of excellent. I have felt the team spirit and connectivity through a monitor, something I never imagined could be possible. Maybe my perception will be different to other virtual on-boarders in other companies, who perhaps haven’t received the same attention and care I have. However, with the right support, I truly believe anything is possible.

“You shouldn’t fear virtual onboarding. Embrace it, use it, and develop new skills from the experience.”

We all know the daunting feeling of starting a new job and walking into the office for the first time. With virtual onboarding, that feeling simply doesn’t exist. You’re protected by the comfort of your own home, eased into the business through an environment that’s familiar to you. For me, that took a lot of the pressure away, allowing me to focus on work. By the time I’m able to go into the office, it’ll be like meeting friends, and I have to give the Magenta team praise for making me feel like that.

In a world that’s turning more virtual by the day, the skills of working capably in a computer-generated environment is very important. I have felt myself become more reliant on my own ability and trust further in myself from this experience. Sometimes we can become dependent on hand holding when starting a new job, even when we really don’t need to. This experience has escalated my proactivity even higher and pushed me on many occasions to trust in my own judgment. To be honest, it’s given me a newfound confidence, a trait that goes beyond working life.

“Find a routine that gets you into the right headspace for work.”

A worry of mine was being able to motivate myself to do my job. In an office environment, it’s easy to bounce off your colleagues and keep the attention focused. The prospect of working from home every day was a concern, especailly as someone who’s had tendencies of being easily distracted. However, I found a routine that allowed me to channel the right headspace to work as I would in an office environment. Wake up as you would before commuting, brew a coffee the same way/same time you would before going into the office. Simply performing the actions I would on a regular working day has done wonders to my cognitive energy. Even just putting on a suit can really help…although I’m taking advantage of wearing comfy clothes.

The trick to functioning is all about routine and location. Now, I understand many people don’t have offices or much space in their homes. Believe me, I get it – I had to work like Harry Potter for my first few days. What I found important was finding a suitable place that my brain didn’t associate with leisure. Once I found that place everything (excuse the pun) clicked into place.

Thanks to my amazing team at Magenta and my routine to motivate myself, my experience with virtual onboarding has been a successful and enjoyable experience. That being said, I am very excited to get into the office for the first time, not to find the willpower to work, but to see the people I now consider friends.

Oscar Martin