Five reasons why employee engagement is so important

Employee engagement plays a vital role in everything from productivity to company culture. And every employer wants to retain the best people, so keeping them engaged will not only do that but also guarantee the success of your businesses.

Here are our top five reasons employee engagement is important and why all businesses should ensure it is sitting high on the agenda.

Increased productivity

Engaged employees are far more likely to be consistently productive and go the extra mile. It’s a creative balancing act of giving your employees a sense of purpose but also focusing on their strengths and talents to push them further. They want to feel value in their contributions so keeping them engaged allows them, and you, to reap the rewards of a job well done.

Better customer relations     

What better brand advocates can a business have than their own employees? Ensuring your employees are engaged means they are far more likely to provide excellent customer service and build strong customer relations. They are on the front line spreading the word and they can’t do this unless they feel engaged by their employer.

Company culture

We will spend roughly 1/3 of our lives working. If we’re not jumping out of bed to get there, we are already fighting a losing battle. Creating a company culture that people enjoy being a part of means increased enjoyment for your team, and their happiness is vital to your success.

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Employee retention

Who’s been with your business the longest? Hopefully you have many that have been with you for years – if not this is a huge warning sign. Engaged staff feel their worth and have no interest in going elsewhere. Plus, if you’re spending less time recruiting, you’ll have more time for the important work of looking after your team.

Increased profitability

You have a productive team, building excellent customer relations and contributing to your positive company culture. It’s a no brainer that your business will begin to soar, and the increase of profits will be proof of that. Just don’t forget who got you there and make sure your team can enjoy the success as well.

If you’re wondering where to start, think about creating an employee engagement survey. It will give you the valuable insight you need to develop a plan. And don’t forget to make this an annual thing. Letting your team have a voice and ensuring their concerns are heard and addressed will go the extra mile with employee engagement.  

Communication is a key element to all of this. So, remember, even during these turbulent times your team need to know they are being considered and heard.

Support with employee engagement

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Katina Byford-Winter