Make this your astronomical summer season

As the sun rose this morning at 4:29am, albeit way above the rainclouds, June 21 marks the official start to the astronomical summer season. And while a rather soggy start, the masses donning wellies and umbrellas at Stonehenge highlight just how keen the country is to get back to the ‘new normal’. And while the country’s plan to re-open have been postponed, the end of the roadmap is finally in sight! 

Born on the longest day of the year (I’ll never get away from Mum’s remark that indeed it was, for her!), I’m usually surrounded by friends and family, sharing a meal and laughter past sundown. I think I speak unanimously when I say that the ‘human touch’ is the greatest experience we long for and it’s on the horizon. 

Preparing for the return to the office

For those working in offices, we get to experience the smiles, jokes and joy of our favourite colleagues and clients very soon. Communications is all about this, and while Magenta and our dear clients have made things work well over Zoom and distanced meetings, we cannot wait to get back to the ‘new normal’ and sip a well-deserved glass of wine alongside work. 

For many though, going back to the office can feel daunting, particularly for those who live with mental illness. Let’s use this next four weeks to prepare minds and spirits for the big ‘return to work’ and support friends and colleagues.

The long awaited fresh bright mornings and balmy evenings are on the way and getting a dose of Vitamin D is good for mind, body and soul. Distanced walks and meets in the countryside are a great way to slowly re-introduce people back into work. And why leave it there? With collaboration cited as the main reason why people will use office spaces, why not shift thinking and start hosting meetings and gatherings in the great outdoors? With Brighton seafront on Magenta’s doorstep, I for one look forward to beach brainstorms with chips and ice cream this year!

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Louise Boulden