Cathy goes sky diving!

At Magenta… 

We regularly discuss the importance of workplace wellbeing, and the need to have an equal work/life balance. Managing director, Cathy, is the prime example of someone who practices what she preaches. On a recent day off, to totally disconnect from work and push herself to do something she has always dreamed of, she went sky-diving!

Travelling over to the luscious Kent countryside on a (relatively…) sunny Friday afternoon, Cathy finally went through with her wish to sky dive. Jumping out of a plane at approximately 10,000ft, she began free-falling back to earth before safely and elegantly gliding into the landing field!

Cathy stated the jump was “the most terrifying thing I’ve ever done” and her highlight was “when the parachute opened and we started to slow down…”

Watch the video below!

Ben Keeley