Cathy Hayward to act as ‘Golden Thread’ in BIFM Awards

2015AwardsLogo(1)Magenta’s MD Cathy Hayward has been chosen as the Golden Thread in the prestigious BIFM Awards’ Impact on the Workplace category. The role means that Cathy will be present at all the presentations, interviews and site visits in the category, to ensure consistent scoring across the projects.

This is Cathy’s fourth year judging this category, and fifth year as a judge for the BIFM Awards. “It is such a privilege to be chosen as the Golden Thread for the category,” she said. “Judging the BIFM Awards is one of the highlights of my year – it’s wonderful to see such brilliant examples of best practice and cutting-edge innovation. I learn so much from the award entrants. And of course it’s also a way of giving back to the industry that I enjoy working in.”

Cathy will be joined in the category by lead judge Andy Kelly, scrutineer Vicky O’Farrell, and support judges Mark Spilling and Richard Metcalfe.

“I’m extremely honoured to be lead judge in the category of Impact on the Workplace and I’m looking forward with my fellow support judges to be inspired by the work being done by my fellow FM professionals in raising the FM bar in this category,” said Andy Kelly. ” It’s imperative as FM managers we strive to understand and recognise the ever changing workplace and how facility management strategies impact on the organisation, workplace and its employees.”

The BIFM Awards rightly operates a strict conflict of interest policy. No Magenta clients enter for the category that Cathy is judging and she declares any perceived conflicts of interest immediately.

Cathy Hayward