Coffee, meetings and maybe a bite to eat.

By: Esme Banks Marr

Stop it. It’s not trivial. It’s not millennial fluff. It’s not even the fact we (yes, I’m a millennial but I’m using the royal ‘we’) can help the planet by choosing coconut, almond or oat milk instead of dairy. It’s not the fact we’ve all become so used to having to whittle down 20 choices into one decision. Hot, iced, the temperature of a cow’s udder (but hold the cow), double shot, single shot… and yes, the cappuccino or latte is terribly old hat now, darrrrling. Flatty, cortado, piccolo, macchiato, Americano (you heathen)… oh it goes on!

Right, time to be serious. Coffee is a thing of greatness. And coffee shops are also a thing of greatness – especially when you need one STAT because you have a team conference call in four minutes and you’re in between co-working spaces.

And yes, caffeine is technically a drug, and too much coffee is not particularly good for you. But calm down and grab a herbal tea or go decaf and still enjoy the atmosphere of a great coffee shop for your next casual meeting.

For the record, I’m not suggesting you take your three core team members to Roasting Party for a re-tender presentation, nor am I suggesting you invite the procurement lead along for an oat milk cortado and vegan brownie. These spots are there more for those meetings with a friendly client, off-site chat with a colleague, or an hour or so of focussed email trawling.

You with me? Great. Now, here’s our [updated] handful of the best coffee shops in London to grab an excellent coffee and do some work in:

1. Prufrock, Clerkenwell

Best for: colleague catch up and to get through those 85 emails you’ve flagged

Nb: On the small and rustic side

Food? A light and fashionable lunch menu

2. The Roasting Party, Chelsea

Best for: impromptu all-afternoon strategy meetings with your favourite client

Nb: Nicely designed, head upstairs for seats and sit at the long bar or grab a table in the high-ceilinged airy space

Food? Cakes, muffins and flapjacks

3. Department of Coffee and Social Affairs, various (literally all over London)

Best for: a tricky conversation and if you need a sweet treat with your coffee

Nb: My personal go-to… And they do Cronuts!

Food? Pastries, cakes, sandwiches and breakfast bruschetta

4. Nude Coffee Roasters, various [East]

Best for: casual catch up or initial meeting with a prospective client

Nb: One of London’s major roasteries – you’re in safe hands

Food? Baked goods and a small brunch menu

5. Ozone Coffee Roasters, Old Street

Best for: treating a trendy journalist to not only a GREAT coffee but brunch too

Nb: It can get very busy, but that gives it that ‘the place to be’ vibe. You can even pick your coffee’s brewing method…

Food? Excellent brunches and lunches, a full-on menu

If you’ve got any suggestions to add to the next edition, then please get in touch.

To see the original ‘best coffee shops’ list from over a year ago, click here. We still rate them!


Ben Keeley