Five deadly sins in communicating workplace change

New office, new desk, new way of working, new start. A workplace change project can be an exciting time for any organisation. It often comes as a result expansion and growth, a change in culture, an acquisition, or the consolidation of existing buildings into one new space ­– or the return to work post-Covid.

But it’s also a time fraught with challenges for real estate and facilities managers, and communication is top of the list of things keeping them awake at night. How you communicate your workplace change project will have a major impact on its overall success. Here are Magenta’s top five things to avoid when communicating your workplace change:

  1. Starting communication too late allowing rumours to flourish
  2. Not appointing a comms project manager who’s in charge of all comms. The overall project manager is often too busy to lead the communication function and may not have the necessary experience
  3. Not communicating enough – there is no such thing as too much as people will easily miss messages
  4. Going too deep too quickly. You need to gradually share information so that people are not bombarded with too much unnecessary detail early on
  5. Not using a variety of tools and channels. Not everyone will go to the microsite, open an e-newsletter or read a poster or table-talker, so use a mixture of different channels to reach everyone

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Cathy Hayward