A Day in the life of Magenta’s creative director!

Interview conducted by Esme Banks Marr

Magenta’s creative director, Mr Mark Parry, isn’t one for writing, which is why he heads up all of our design work. With this in mind, we decided to sit him down, away from the comfort of his desk, 30 year old unergonomic leather computer chair, cappuccino and piles of design books to ask him a few questions about his day-to- day life in the Magenta office…

EBM: Can you give a brief description of the job and key responsibilities

MP: I design everything and anything. Logos, branding, I basically make sure the team’s clients are serviced by any design needs. I also do Magenta’s own branding and design.

EBM: What attracted you to creative design?

MP: I was always good at art at school. I was going to do graphics but after my foundation course I decided to do a did a degree in fine art instead – which turned out to be the best three years of my life. I then had a call from a design contact and he asked if I was available to come for an interview. I knew nothing at this stage, and after my one day of training, was left to my own devices. I realised I was pretty good at it, and never looked back.

EBM: How do you start your day?

MP: It doesn’t take me too long to get ready. I usually pick up some fresh patisserie bread for the team on my walk in. Once I’m at the office I make a coffee and check my emails for anything urgent – I then prioritise my work by whoever shouts the loudest!

EBM: What’s your top perk at work?

MP: Good coffee. We have a barista espresso machine and locally roasted coffee beans, it’s better than any coffee shop and a real treat to have it in the office. It’s even sweeter knowing how much we save on buying coffees!

EBM: What do you think annoys your colleagues most about you?

MP: (smiling) Singing along loudly to the office Spotify, usually with made up lyrics.

EBM: What do you love about your job?

MP: I love rebrand projects. Being able to work with clients to elevate or even create a brand from scratch is very rewarding. I feel like design goes hand in and with problem solving, and this makes up most of my day. I love working my way around something to find a solution that meets all criteria and exceeds expectations.

EBM: If you could delegate a task to someone on the office, what would it be?

MP: (pauses) Someone to make my lunch? (…Alice’s bruschetta is amazing.)

EBM: What annoys you most about your work?

MP: The fact everybody wants it now. And they expect you to make it look amazing in a very short space of time. And I HATE not having a proper brief.

EBM: What is top of your office playlist?

MP: The Cure, ‘Boys don’t cry’.

EBM: What are you up to for the rest of the day?

MP: Finishing up the design of award entries and designing some Magenta marketing for our summer party.

Ben Keeley