We have all had to adapt to COVID-19, and design is no exception

During the pandemic I was asked to create some posters for Magenta to illustrate social distancing. This had to be on-brand and more engaging than two stick men with a large 2m gap between them.

There’s something about the concept of social distancing. It’s an unfamiliar phrase and rule which has been placed upon us. It has endless emotions linked to it from confusion and concern to doubt and possibly an air of mystery. All would have to be captured within my design.

I was also tasked with designing a series of practical step-by-step guides for one of our clients, Corps Security, on how to properly use thermal imaging equipment upon entry to the workplace.

Pre-Covid design work

Magenta client Business Moves Group asked us to design a new website prior to lockdown. This could have been delayed by the pandemic but we felt this period was the perfect time to launch. The previous website was outdated and the business had evolved significantly, yet the website had been left behind. It was important to showcase the range of services that the company offers, but in a fun way, setting it apart them from its competitors. The brief from the client was “I would still like to keep this light and fun, not too corporate with some animation”. Magenta delivered on its brief with the site now perfectly positioned to assist the company through these challenging times.

This year I had the opportunity to commission Bratislav Milenkovic to produce some beautiful spot illustrations for our client Overbury. He’s taking some well-earned time off now to spend time with his new-born son, congratulations to you both! Our brief was to write and design a tech-based journey through the workplace and to display the stages where workplace tech can assist with the return to offices, from entering to leaving the building. We created a PDF and a resulting html version was put up on the website.

Back-to-work design

For over six months now, the UK-general public has been communicated to with infographics, graphs and tables to display the spread of COVID-19. Visual communication has played a vital role when it comes to aiding reassurance and keeping the public up to date and safe. However, visual communication can also inspire, mesmerise, and captivate. There are sometimes no words to do an image justice. Workplaces will need a healthy dose of inspiration as they welcome employees back to their desks. A creative splash of imagery can help achieve that.

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Mark Parry