Diary of a Magenta intern: week four

(Written by Alice Finney)

By week four I felt firmly settled in with the Magenta team: I had capitalised upon the fact that we have an office Nutribullet, had gone to an after work Zumba class and had sidled in as office DJ. More importantly, the sun had FINALLY shown his beaming face, meaning that the walk to work was much more pleasant.

Monday began in the office where we continued sending email invitations to journalists for an open house event that evening. When midday struck, we had a client meeting via phone call in which we discussed next month’s agenda and relayed to our client our progress with current work. Following this, we had to rush up to London to join everyone at the open house. This was the grand opening of Reward Gateway’s brand new refurbished office, which was designed by one of our clients, Area Sq.

Picture1The office was completely stunning. It was all brightly coloured making it feel fresh and clean, whilst the open plan layout meant that the colours didn’t feel too overbearing. Even the dining/ lunch area was open plan, encouraging people to dine with others and not sit alone whilst eating. Dotted around different corners of the office were special rooms; a tech free room which mimicked a garden (see the funky hanging egg chair in the photo) hidden behind a Harry Potter style invisible door, a little library for one, and a padded room with a view which was fully soundproofed. The open house was an opportunity for the press and employees to explore the new office, enjoy some chilled- out acoustic guitar, nibble on some hipster vegan beetroot brownies and… you guessed it, to network with people in the industry.

I spent the next couple of days researching co-working in the news, which basically involved me listening to podcasts and reading online articles on the new phenomenon aptly titled “the work revolution”. It excited me to find that the workplace is indeed changing and that employers are seeing the productivity benefits in things like providing stimulating office environments and allowing workers to be more flexible.

Wednesday was a super special day as I was asked whether I would like to join Magenta full time! Without hesitating, I accepted; my month as an intern had gone so well and I had got on with everyone in the office as well as people I had met at all the client meetings. The remainder of the week went by in a flash (to be fair I did have Friday off) as I was so happy about joining the squad.

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