Five health tips for office workers

Working in an office has countless benefits – being around your colleagues, working in an enjoyable environment where you can brainstorm ideas, based near busy town centres (at least, that’s how lucky we are at Magenta), to name but a few. There are however, a few cons to being sat at a desk for the majority of the day. For instance, it leading to a potentially sedentary lifestyle, during the hours of 9-5:30 at least.

Several friends of mine, who’ve already graduated, warned me as they were coming to the end of their placement year… “watch your weight being sat at a desk all day” and “honestly, I have easily put on a stone this year”. Although I had been eating exactly the same, I noticed in just two weeks of being sat down for 40 hours a week that my trousers were feeling a little tighter. So, I decided to take matters into my own hands and try to combat it, before I do too much damage. Here are my five tips to living a healthier lifestyle whilst working in an office:

1. Snacks – Thankfully, I’m not a massive fan of chocolate or naughty things like that. Snacking doesn’t have to be a negative aspect of your diet though – just be smart with what you choose. For instance, I now only snack on bananas, apples and breakfast bars. Not as exciting as salted nuts and crisps, sure – but I am already feeling the benefits of eating them if I’m feeling tired!

2. Swaps – Try swapping your day-to-day choices for healthier options. For example, I love coffee. A sugary, milky coffee with some vanilla syrup really hits the spot. Although, that also brings an awful lot of calories with it. So, I now swap it for a tea, with sweetener and a splash of milk. Dull? mmm, yes. Healthier? Yes.

3. Water – I naturally am quite a thirsty person. I’m constantly drinking. I know a lot of people however, that are terrible at getting enough water during the day. Numerous studies have proven just how beneficial water is for your health, skin, brain activity, the list goes on and on. Sometimes when you think you’re hungry, you’re actually just thirsty – so reach for a pint of water instead of eating your lunch early.

4. Activity – If you are an active person who enjoys exercise, then this one will already be ticked. If you are like me, however, and you’re not a massive fan of gymming or sports in your spare time – then it’s important to try and keep active. A 10-15 minute walk over lunchtime really makes a difference to the sluggish feeling you often get mid-afternoon and towards the end of a day.

5. Lunches – Finally, lunches. Sure, it’s convenient to just pop to a shop or a café and buy something nice. Pret, Costa, they’re everywhere. If you want to be kind to your waistline and to your bank account however, try to bring in readily prepared lunches, or healthy leftovers.

Ben Keeley