Five minutes with account exec, Gemma…

What’s a day in the life for Gemma? 

“Day to day, it varies dependent on the clients’ requirements. There are some tasks that I perform every day, such as social media management, media scanning and coverage monitoring. I’ll then go and get my breakfast… I tend to obsess over certain foods for months at a time. Recently it’s been Nutella toast, but now I’ve discovered porridge with banana, honey, chia seeds and crunchy peanut butter – which is a bit of a game changer really.”


What’s your favourite lunch in the office?

“Again, it was soup – now I’ve moved onto jacket sweet potatoes…”


Go-to playlist for the MagentaCast speaker?

“I guess I do dominate the playlists at times, as I’ve created lots on the company Spotify. My perfect song at the moment is Amanaz – Sunday Morning.”


What’s your can’t-live-without item at work?

 “My trusty water bottle. It sounds lame; but I drink SO much water during the day, I’ve got a lovely bottle Ollie got me for Christmas which I’ll never be seen without.”


Favourite hot drink to have in the office?

 “Earl grey, in a mug the size of my head. One sugar.”


Personal highlight of your time at Magenta?

 “I’ve been really enjoying all the Magenta milestones… I started on the night of the summer BBQ, then went to the BIFM Awards, then was lucky enough to go to Lisbon with the team, then the Christmas party which was so much fun, and now the summer party is looming again!”


Go-to pick-me-up for a Friday afternoon?

 “We have a go-to Friday afternoon playlist which always keeps us going. Pride classics, Independent Ladies, for example… Shania Twain is always a favourite too.”


One thing you could change about the office?

 “I’d love to have a sea view; we’re so close but so far.”


Best advice you’ve got in your life?  

“My mum was my teacher in school, and in assembly she’d often rope me in to help out. So, with that in mind, there are loads of quotes I have in my head. One is ‘if you can’t do great things, do small things in a great way.’ I love that.”


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Ben Keeley