The key to a successful event

Recently Magenta held our first industry event since the arrival of Covid to celebrate our 10 year anniversary. It was a chance to share our success with clients and industry friends and most importantly have face to face encounters with people we had only seen on screens since Covid. This year’s event was unlike previous gatherings though as we had much to consider. Most importantly will people turn up? We’ve always had a successful turn out to our events but this year was different. Covid happened and events became trickier for people to commit to. So, with the world slowly returning to a new normal, here are our top tips for hosting your own successful event.

The Magenta staff at the 10th anniversary event

What is your aim for the event?

It’s important to consider what you want to achieve from the event. It may seem like an obvious one but why are you holding the event and who do you want to attend? And what would make for a successful result? Is it purely to give thanks for a good year, or maybe you have a message to share? These questions are key to a successful event.

What’s your budget?

The skies the limit when organising an event, which is why a budget from the offset is key. Think about all the associated costs you will have, from the venue, food and drink to entertainment. These elements can quickly add up especially if your event is for a large amount of people. And will any of these costs be recouped from selling tickets? Or maybe you’re fundraising for a charitable cause? Know what your limits are and set a budget that you stick to.

Choosing a venue

I always find this stage incredibly exciting and daunting. There are a lot of venues out there but securing the perfect one can take some work. It’s a good idea to think about what your event will entail – will there be food? Alcohol? Speakers? Do you want a seated space or standing and most importantly how big of a space do you need? Space size is key, you don’t want people shoulder to shoulder but equally you don’t want so much space that your event looks like it’s not well attended.

Consider health and safety

In our current climate this is more important than ever. Is your space well ventilated? Will you have ample space to allow for social distancing. And how will you be serving your food and drinks? And how will you communicate the measures you’ve put in place to your guests? Many people will want to see you’ve put serious consideration into this before attending.

Time to get inviting!

Now it’s time to start preparing your guest list. Will this be an invite only event or will you promote this through social channels and make it open to all? Make your event stand out, create interest from your invitation and keep track of your invite list. And don’t forget to follow up with a reminder a day or two before the event.

I’m delighted to say our recent event was a roaring success and we owe a huge thank you to the team at The Deck for providing the perfect backdrop and for looking after us so well. Mother Nature blessed us with good weather for our roof top venue and our clients and friends of Magenta were so happy to be out for a social gathering that the atmosphere was probably one of the best we’ve ever had.

Magenta clients at the Magenta 10th anniversary event

While our event was more intimate than previous years, we realised that very few people were no shows or cancelled on the day. I’d like to think Covid has made events a slightly more exciting affair again and I would imagine this will be the start of many more events to come.

Download our free guide on how to run a successful event, and contact us for further advice and support.

Katina Byford-Winter