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Bringme is about to transform the way we receive our online shopping and other deliveries. The product, which is launching in the UK, is all about helping us be in when we’re out, not disrupting our workplace and not stressing about getting our online purchases or them being lost. Whether it’s a book or new bit of tech, clothes or shoes, or the weekly supermarket delivery, Bringme takes the headache out of being there when the order arrives. Bringme is there for you in the lobby of your apartments or workplace so no need to even go out to collect your delivery, and it’s there 24/7 so you get your purchases at your own convenience.

Magenta is helping the company with its official UK launch this summer following a hugely successful launch in Belgium and the Netherlands.

Imagine a locker that is exclusively for your delivery, in a compartment size that will accept whatever it is, even ironing on hangers. It will e-sign for your goods, keep them safe and secure, tell you when they’ve arrived and keep them cool if they are food or flowers. Conversely, if you need to return something or have something picked up, your box works the other way around and a courier can come and collect from it without needing to disturb you. It doesn’t even have to be anything commercial – you can leave or have ‘stuff’ collected from friends or family, with Bringme everything becomes less hassle.

Bringme provide the perfect remote concierge service: secure, tidy, convenient and always there and accessible, 24/7. Their state of the art boxes work whatever your delivery or collection is and, unlike some large online retailers, anyone can use the system and deliver to you. It’s a perfect example of how the IoT is changing our lives, especially with the advance of smart buildings and the growth of online shopping. The boxes are a combination of the latest hardware and software, run from an app on your phone or tablet which generates an individual operating code, and are full of the latest linear optical sensors and technology.

It is estimated that in the UK some 2.2billion parcels are delivered every year, the average household receives 1.5 per week and on average some 12% of deliveries to private addresses fail first time. When you consider that 82% of all redeliveries also fail, one can appreciate why this all costs the industry some £1 billion p.a.

The Bringme solution works for everyone. Retailers, consumers, property owners and managers, as well as the logistics industry. It can mean no more frustrated delivery drivers making repeat visits. No more staff arriving late or leaving early or taking long lunch hours because of an expected delivery. No more untidy Reception desks or overwhelmed mail rooms. It means contented staff that feel appreciated when their company thinks about them and their needs. This in turn means satisfied employers, especially facilities and HR managers, provided with an easy and neat solution to a growing problem of personal deliveries clogging up business post rooms. Instead of banning personal deliveries outright which is happening more and more, this is their perfect solution.

For residential apartment blocks it means no more concierge problems and satisfied tenants. For e-retailers it makes their delivery options easier and enhances customer satisfaction with their service. For couriers and delivery companies it means no more return visits and ease of delivery, as well as a reduced carbon footprint.

Everyone wins with Bringme.

Magenta will be handling the full spectrum of PR and comms for Bringme: editorial, promotional and content marketing across all media channels, as well as event and social media support, and the account will be managed by Carole Graham with additional support from Cathy Hayward, Mark Parry and Ollie Tunmore.

Ben Keeley