Magenta helps send in the clowns… to Greece

DSC_0064Magenta has given a donation of £500 to the Clowns Without Borders charity to support its visit this week to the refugee camps in Greece. Magenta’s Marion Duggan is currently in Greece bringing much needed smiles to the many children in the camps.

danMagenta has been supporting the charity since 2015 after the CWB UK director met with Cathy Hayward to discuss their PR strategy. Since then Magenta has donated a portion of its profits to help fund CWB projects in India and Greece. In addition, Magenta senior account executive Esme Banks Marr has run the Brighton Half Marathon in support of the charity.

“Clowns Without Borders brings joy to children that otherwise have very little to smile about,” commented Hayward. “We are glad of the opportunity to contribute in some way to the great work they do.”


The charity’s origins start in 1992 when a group of students from a school in Barcelona contacted local professional clown Tortell Poltrona. The students had been writing to child refugees in Croatia as part of a volunteering programme and had found that the children no longer had fun. The student asked Poltrona to perform for the children, giving them a reason to smile and laugh. Following that first hugely successful performance to over 700 children, CWB was born. Near a quarter of a century later, there are now 12 CWB chapters bringing joy to over 300,000 children in 40 countries around the world.

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