Magenta team share their switch off tips for National Work Life Week

 National Work Life Week 2nd-7th October 2017.







This week is an opportunity for both employers and employees to concentrate on wellbeing at work and the importance of a work-life balance for everyone.  There is a growing awareness of the impact wellbeing can have on individuals in the workplace. When we are mentally healthy we are more likely to fulfil our potential, have higher engagement levels and enjoy work with a positive attitude.

At Magenta we try and make sure we’re always looking after our wellbeing, one of the key ways we do this is to maintain a healthy work/life balance. We all like to indulge in some regular ‘me-time’ in different ways:


 FILMS. I lose myself in a film as often as I can. I try and get to the cinema once a fortnight, so I can switch off in darkness and just sit there and focus on whatever it is I’m watching and nothing else. With no distractions. If I’m becoming stressed and find myself catching up on things in the evening, I resort to Sci-Fi! There’s nothing like Star Wars to really escape from the “real world”.



I enjoy going for long walks in the Sussex country-side with mon poochy child, Kipper. Fresh air, exercise and a tennis-ball-obsessed dog keep my mind clear. I don’t meditate but walking in nature is as close as I come to switching my brain off.



 Music without a doubt helps me to switch off from it all. I have certain playlists I only use for work hours, and the same for going out and for commuting. They all suit my different moods and situations! I’m rarely seen without my headphones…



 Running or cycling. I am almost completely thoughtless when I go for a run (apart from the standard ‘oh god my lungs, legs, my everything hurts’). I am also a big fan of noodling on the guitar when I want to relax, or any instrument really.



 Alone time is the best way to hit my ‘reset’ button. I’ve recently got into the habit of walking along the seafront with my headphones in, people watching, enjoying the Brighton sunset. I always feel calm and collected afterwards.



 For me, it’s standing in the kitchen with an open bottle of red wine (aka Keith Floyd), radio 4 on in the background and cooking up an absolute feast.



Aside from travelling as much as my budget (overdraft) will allow, I like to lose myself in a good book – so I feel part of someone else’s story. I find writing (the creative kind) switches my mind off too; when I’m not writing about the workplace, I’m trying to write a novel and edit a sitcom. Nothing like keeping busy to distract you from… being busy! Ultimately, I’m a big fan of sleeping – if all else fails, that tends to help me switch off (unless clients play cameos in my dreams).



 I love to repurpose things and give them a new life. Whether it’s alerting clothing or repurposing furniture; I know when I’m doing this, my mind is on nothing else.



 I write novels. I often read but find concentrating on writing is more of a complete distraction when I’m deep into it. It makes me concentrate more – so I stop thinking about work and work to-do lists for at least a few hours…. Nothing else cuts it for me.



 Mine way of switching off from work is definitely going to the gym! I try to go at least four times a week. I put my phone on flight mode to avoid any notifications and listen to my downloaded music. I always feel a hundred times better after going.



 At time of writing Cathy was trekking the Himalayas to reach Everest base camp, without her laptop or any contact to the working world… Enough said.


The Magenta family will soon be visiting the beautiful city of Lisbon, so keep your eyes peeled on our Instagram and Twitter pages (@magentacomms) for pictures and videos of our team building trip! 

Ben Keeley