Magenta’s office essentials…

In today’s busy work world, it’s great to see so many apps and software packages being developed to streamline office work and assist in daily administrative tasks. For new and small businesses, it can take the pressure off being consumed by the inevitable mountain of admin. These handy office tools, combined with some everyday creature comforts make up my list of Magenta office essentials!


First up would have to be our accounting software Xero. This amazing bit of online based accountancy software is a must for any business looking to manage their own accounts. It’s such an incredibly user-friendly platform that can truly grow as your business does. I’m still finding great new features that I hadn’t realised before and love how easy it is to pull personalised reports for just about anything! (


To keep me focused in the office Spotify really does help my productivity levels. After many years of working in offices that didn’t play music, it’s a delight to be in a space that I can hum my day away to. I love how it creates such a great platform to share with colleagues and also introduces me to new music.


For the list-lover in me, I can’t do without my Magenta notebook. Prioritising your work day is key, and a list gives you the ability to focus on daily, weekly and long-term projects. Studies have even shown that people perform better when they write things down. “One trap people fall into is to consistently avoid tackling the larger, more major projects. The best way to overcome this is to break them down into much smaller, achievable blocks. “Write my novel” is a pretty foreboding task; “outline first chapter of my novel” is far friendlier and stands a chance of getting done” (Article). For me, lists are something that an app could never replace, as there’s nothing more satisfying than crossing an item off!


For anyone dealing with invoicing, Chaser is a great way to keep on top of outstanding payments. This clever app, which syncs with most accountancy programs, enables us to nudge late payments with a personalised reminder. (


Finishing off my round up of essentials, my work world wouldn’t be as efficient without a few warm cups of caffeinated loveliness. Whether it’s a flat white on our barista coffee machine with barista style oat milk (seriously yum!) or a cup of tea. For me, hot drinks are the key to my office joy. I love that we all take it in turns and that we’re united in our caffeinated needs, it’s great to break up the day with a round of drink making but equally wonderful to the be recipient of a drink made by a colleague.


We all help each other through the day, particularly during busy times. Coffee, little treats, healthy snacks, collaborative playlists, encouraging emails, sharing praise – We all like to help each other along through the day-to-day challenges and successes of working in a busy PR agency! (To learn more – read Gemma’s blog on a day in the life, here).

Ben Keeley