My Week at Magenta

By: Lara Bean

This week I have been extremely lucky to intern at Magenta Associates. As I approach my second year of studying for my A Levels, ‘adult life’ seems to get closer and closer – exams, university and then the world of work. Spending time in Magenta’s office down in Brighton has been an insightful view of what office life could be like after I hopefully graduate university in four years time, as well as how a successful PR and communications agency operates on a daily basis, something that appeals to me due to my interest in areas such as journalism and writing.

As most people will feel on the first day of a new job, I went in feeling extremely nervous, and not quite sure what to expect. After being introduced to the office, I sat in on the Monday morning meeting where I began to fully understand everyone’s different role in the company (and learn their names!). Of course, one of the best things about Magenta is how welcoming the ever-expanding team are. Despite only interning for one week, I was made to feel part of the company as I learnt more about the industry and what the company got up to every day.

Some of the most interesting tasks I was given throughout the last few days were researching into new or potential clients. Not only did I find out about exciting new technology, such as the Bringme box, I also gained a deeper understanding of the worlds of PR and FM.

As I leave one of my favourite cities to head home today, I am really grateful to the team for such a positive and interesting experience, as well as being pretty tired from a busy and exciting week!

Ben Keeley