The new M-Towers is open for business!

Following many weeks of living out of boxes, rearranging furniture and redecorating, the M-People are proud to present their beautiful new office!


Having partnered with new client Staverton, the workplace design specialists, we are finally all set in our lovely new office in Kemp Town, in the heart of Brighton. Just a five minute walk to the beach, and 10 minutes from the centre of Brighton, the location is fantastic for dog walks, shopping and getting out and about, all of which are of course beneficial to our wellbeing.

Spread over a ground floor office space, a mezzanine meeting floor, and a specially designed private working ‘Den’, the office comfortably accommodates our 11 full-time employees, whilst also providing room for growth. The furniture has been specially designed by Staverton with the highest quality of materials, and built in their Yorkshire factory. The space boasts three desk banks for the teams to work together, a kitchen area, table and dining area, as well as our wonderful sunny balcony to spend lunch and coffee breaks out on!

The office space captures and maximises natural light through its vast windows and high ceilings, making it feel bright and airy. Incorporating biophilic design into the workplace has been found to improve productivity and employee happiness.  Having been in the office for several weeks before the office fit-out was completed, we have now finished putting all the finishing touches to the space. Tens of metres of fairy lights, our famed ‘Magenta’ writing, photos on the walls, fresh flowers and our most recent addition, a 30cm disco ball to hang from the ceiling all contribute to make the office look professional and bespoke.

The M-People are absolutely thrilled with the space especially now that the finishing touches have been made and it feels more like home. Junior Account Executive, Ollie, stated “the office is fantastic – now that all the finishing touches have been made, it’s such a nice space to be in and we’re all absolutely loving it.” Account Executive, Alice, said “it’s a really homely space. It has a very relaxed vibe which means we’re able to work creatively and productively together.” Senior Account Manager, Xenia, said that she loves the “natural light, air and space – it really helps our productivity and wellbeing.”

Ben Keeley