Are you planning the return to the office? Magenta offers free webinar

Within the next few weeks and months, corporate offices will start opening their doors again. This reoccupation will be gradual – there’s not going to be the sudden influx of people in the same way that there was the sudden exodus in mid-March. 

But just as people had concerns when they left the office, they will be equally anxious about re-entering the workplace with questions around safety, wellbeing, the behaviour of other colleagues and the future of their role and the wider business. Addressing these concerns and communicating the new normal in a clear, transparent and open way will be important. 

Which is why the team at Magenta, the workplace communication experts, are running several free office communication webinars on the topic over the next few weeks to offer you some top tips: 

Tuesday 28 April, 11am
Wednesday 6 May, 1pm
Thursday 14 May, 3pm

Sign up here: Communicating the Return to the Office

Cathy Hayward