Sun seekers; Magenta is heading to Seville!

An update from Magenta’s office manager – Katina Byford-Winter:

It was an exciting start to the week at the Magenta office yesterday! During the Monday morning team meeting we announced our ‘Magenta on tour’ destination for 2018. Every autumn we spend two glorious days together in a new European location. The first year (2016) was Barcelona, last year was Lisbon and this year… it’s Seville!

The office broke into teams and pitched their destinations after thoroughly researching flights, accommodation and activities. The presentations wowed the judges (MD Cathy and me) with great visual displays of their chosen city. One team even went so far as to have music and food! The decision was by no means an easy one to make, with the options being: Rome, Palma, Hamburg and of course the winning Seville.

During our time in Seville, in late September, we’ll be touring the city and visiting the many sites, like the famous Alcazar. In the evening we’ll be enjoying tapas delights before laying our heads down in a fantastic apartment.

As an organisation, we believe spending time together in a setting outside of the workplace is important. It gives us all a chance to build a deeper level of trust and understanding as well as getting to know each other that bit better. We often come away learning something new about one another, which only a break away from our desks could achieve. With more research revealing the importance of mental health awareness, there is a growing understanding that to truly feel supported we need to feel comfortable with the people we work with. A chance to soak up some sunshine and culture is no better way to achieve this.

As I’m sure many of you have already realised, we truly have the best boss, who understands the balance between work and fun, employee engagement, experience and benefits!


Ben Keeley