How to support your remote team through the summer

Summer is well and truly underway and with that comes a sense of urgency to get outside and enjoy the great outdoors before the curtains are drawn and autumn returns. So, with all the joy that comes with sunshine and warmer weather, it’s important to ensure you continue to support your remote team through the summer months.

Stay connected with your remote team

In our guide ‘Communicating with Remote Teams’ we highlight the importance of over communicating and keeping in touch through video calls to keep teams connected. Keeping those weekly calls in the diary are invaluable, especially if you’re taking the reins on your colleagues’ workload. These calls ensure the handover is manageable as you’ll already be fully up to speed on what they’re working on.

Encourage breaks

This is the ideal time to build some great habits when it comes to taking breaks. A stroll around the block, lunch outside, a bit of outdoor gardening – all these little breaks have a massive impact on our ability to recharge. Why not pop a calendar reminder in each day to remind yourself to step away from the screen. Building these habits now while the sun is shining will help to cement the routine, so come the colder, darker months we ensure we are in the swing of it.

Use a calendar

Ensure your team has the support they need to take annual leave without stressing about an added workload. At Magenta we love using Timetastic to track our holiday requests. The app provides a great overview of who’s on annual leave and ensures there is enough support on hand. The last thing you want is a colleague to feel like they’re drowning in work while others are away.

Support flexibility

Remote working involves a level of flexibility which is invaluable through the summer months. With so many families dealing with the kids under their feet, offering flexibility is key to your teams’ motivation and productivity. Listening to your team and understanding each of their needs will ensure you can support your remote team effectively through the summer.

No doubt that before long we’ll be swapping our shades for our jumpers. Until then, we wish you all a happy and restful summer period!

And for those organisations looking at returning to the office once summer is done and dusted, we have released our latest handy guide on ‘Communicating the return to the office.’

Katina Byford-Winter