What can’t you work without?

National Stress Awareness month is fast approaching, and with that in mind, we thought we’d gather the thoughts of the M-People’s best-loved, must-haves within the office; those things that help them carry on through tiring or stressful days, and what they simply couldn’t work without. From playlists to plants, coffee to chatter – the team had quite a few items on their list!

Esme – “Coffee. You really can’t beat a strong, perfectly made, coffee to wake you up and ready you for the day.”

Tom – “A good nights sleep. Every time.”

Carole – “Peace and quiet! It’s lovely to chat to the team and we all have a good catch-up throughout the day, but to really knuckle down with writing, I need quiet!”

Cathy – “Mine has got to be Diet Coke. I know it’s not fab for you; but I really do love an ice cold can of it now and then to perk me up.”

Ollie – “Mine has to be movement. I can never just sit at my desk for the entire day. I often get up and move position; from the sit-stand desk to the comfy arm chair, private working den to the upstairs mezzanine floor. Keeps me productive and fresh!”

Katina – “Food! I’m no good if I’m ‘hangry’… I’m lucky that my husband is a trained chef, so I often have leftover healthy dinners and quirky lunches to bring in to keep me going.”

Mark – “For me it’s typefaces (basically, fonts) because it enables creativity within even the most basic task. It’s all around us, shops, offices, homes, in public – I think we all take them for granted!”

Jo – “I’ve learned a lot from our clients about brain function, hydration and productivity, and the relationship between them all – thankfully! But I really do swear by my Ginkgo Biloba tablets, they help with brain function and I really love them.”

Simon – “Being around other people! I love having good company around me; a team that you can laugh the day away with makes any job easier!”

Steve – “Earphones are my must-have. The ambience of the office is always lovely; but I’ve got some really fab earphones that help just completely block out any noise. Also post-it notes…”

Gemma – “Music! I absolutely cannot stand silence in any situation; so whether it be on my headphones, or on the MagentaCast speaker, I just love having good playlists around me.”

Jess – “Highlighter pens. I love a list and I really love crossing off completed tasks with a good highlighter…”

Magenta Editor
Magenta Editor