Hey good looking: the importance of design in content marketing

By Cathy Hayward


People swipe left on Tinder based on the look of the potential partner on the screen. Readers often choose a book based on the image on the cover. And employers make their decision about the suitability of a potential employee within seconds of meeting them. Whether we like it or not, appearance matters. And no more so when it comes to thought leadership content.

A white paper which looks like a technical user guide won’t entice people to open the cover; while a good practice guide with a sloppily-styled cover will lose its authority. Design matters. How you present your thought-leadership material is almost as important as the content itself.

awa_graphic_finalAnd this is especially true in the age of shorter and shorter attention spans. A succinct infographic can be more effective than a thousand words in getting your message across, while a good pull quote might grab the attention of the reader just flicking through your document.

And good design needn’t be expensive. Graphic design is a popular subject to study in schools and colleges and you, or someone in your organisation, might know a school leaver needing some experience in producing corporate material. There are also numerous freelance designers in the market. And of course Magenta has its own creative director, Mark Parry, who works closely with the rest of the Magenta team to design engaging thought-leadership and marketing material to delight and excite our clients’ customers. Talk to us about making you look good.


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