Learning at Work Week

From the 16th to the 22nd May it’s Learning at Work week. A national campaign which shines a spotlight on the importance and benefits of continual learning and development in the workplace.

Many companies use Learning at Work week to:

  • Refresh learning and development (L&D)
  • Reinforce the organisation’s commitment to staff development
  • Celebrate the learning that takes place all year round

L&D culture is vital to any business

When team members are surrounded by a learning culture at work it encourages them to pursue opportunities and to learn and share knowledge with their team. This can have a significant impact on the prosperity of an organisation. And the key to success? Creating a culture where the learning never stops.

We have so much to learn from our team around us, from not only a business standpoint but from a social standpoint too. It’s important to ensure that you create a space for this to blossom. Whether it’s a weekly catch up with your team, or a monthly brainstorming session to hash out new ideas and troubleshoot any problems, it is vital collaborative experiences don’t slip off the radar.

Learning is a two-way street

We must not neglect the fact that we can learn from our younger colleagues. Here at Magenta we are delighted to have had two new executives join our team, not only to support and grow the business but to impart a fresh pair of eyes and a new perspective.

We have so much to learn from our new members – their knowledge and understanding of the world is already painted differently to ours and this should be embraced. This includes being open to new ways of working – new recruits in the office are always great at shaking things up.

There’s also no doubting that technology advancements mean there is plenty to learn from our new execs. They will already be accessing things that put them ahead of the pack on the technology front. Why not ask them to share their favourite social media platforms or the latest app they can’t live without?

There’s also no denying that there’s an enthusiasm and a thirst for knowledge from our young recruits, so it is worth considering mentoring as more than a one-way street – their enthusiasm can be infectious and beneficial to us all!

So, with Learning at Work week upon us, why not use this opportunity to learn something new today? Contact us today to discuss how we can support your business and employee communications.

Katina Byford-Winter