My Magenta experience

By: Shana Bradnock

My time at Magenta can be summed up by the sounds of “does anyone want a cup of tea or coffee” and the occasional line of a song belted out by a certain few (not mentioning names). If it wasn’t for the matter of work, I could almost imagine that I was sitting in a trendy coffee shop or karaoke bar (a good one might I add). Yes, music and caffeine are an essential part of Magenta culture.

My week began with being assigned to handle two new clients. I was tasked to create social media content, rewrite articles and marketing copy and research news stories to identify relevant opportunities for clients. I also got the opportunity to sit in on a client call and attended a meeting to discuss an award entry, new business ventures and further PR opportunities. This gave me a real insight into client management and opportunity to learn more about the FM sector. Later, I was given the responsibility of creating and managing the promotional activity to encourage bids for the Clowns Without Borders UK Easter auction. I also wrote a press release to be distributed upon its successful completion.
Having not done PR before I was eager to take as much as I could from this experience. As my workload varied it gave me real insight into different aspects of the industry. Whilst here I learned invaluable writing tips such as adapting my style for different purposes. It was interesting to hear about my teammates experiences on starting out in the industry and their PR journeys, particularly, as I will be leaving university and imminently facing the ‘what next?’ phase of my life.
My time at Magenta has been a great experience and flown by. Although a lover of national holidays and the first to enjoy a day off, I never thought I’d be gutted for one, being robbed of an extra day at Magenta, courtesy of Good Friday, how inconvenient of you! The Magenta team have been amazing and a pleasure to work with.

Ben Keeley

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