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Communicating bad news in a crisis is a complex subject. Magenta’s guide on the topic has merely scratched the surface. That’s why the workplace communication experts are running several free ‘how to break bad news’ webinars over the next few weeks. The webinars will offer you some top tips to help ensure you approach the challenge in the right way and incorporate the right elements in your communications plan. 

It’s essential to master the art of delivering bad news respectfully, gracefully and clearly. Otherwise, the the person on the receiving end may suffer more than they have to.

How and what you communicate will ultimately be determined by the scale and complexity of the information you have to relay as well as its likely impact on the receiver. Whatever the news, strong and focused communication is key to ensuring employees have a clear understanding of why change is taking place and how it is likely to affect them, personally. But what else can you do as an employer to continue to inspire, engage and motivate while in survival mode? 

Join us on one of the following dates to find out: 

  • Friday 26 June, 3pm
  • Tuesday 30 June, 10am
  • Thursday 9 July, 3pm
  • Friday 17 July, 11am

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Jo Sutherland