Magenta is lucky 13

Magenta is a teenager! Last month, we celebrated our 13th birthday at our annual summer party.  

When our founder Cathy Hayward founded Magenta in 2011, she sought to create a business with the sort of culture that she wanted to work in – one that genuinely cared about its people and the wider community.

Today, we remain committed to these values by harnessing the power of communications to drive social and environmental change. We work with those who use their business as a force for good by being sustainable, socially responsible, and leading with conversations that inspire those they work for and with. Simply put, we want our customers to feel pride in their actions (including that they work with us).

Our purpose underpins everything we do:

We are progressive — we think differently and create fresh perspectives

We are human — we build meaningful connections

We are experts — we are comms and industry experts

Being progressive

Progressive (adjective)


1.         Moving forward

2.         Advocating change, improvement, and reform

3.         Thinking and behaving in a new way

Being progressive is not just about what we say, it’s what we do. We pride ourselves on creating the best possible experience for everyone who works with us by injecting energy into everything we do. By considering the impact of our choices on employees, clients, and suppliers, we make a positive difference. That’s why we allocate 25 per cent of our performance-based annual bonus for ‘contribution to culture’.

The current landscape

Our clients are having to react to their clients’ news consumption habits changing. Social media is now ingrained into everything, and AI-generated content continues to become more prominent. The growing digital presence has resulted in a greater risk of cyber security and data breaches, and AI is forcing organisations to review their intellectual property rights in contractual agreements.

Growing concern in environmental issues necessitates sustainable practices in all marcomms services. We have a duty to help minimise carbon footprint and to lead conversations about its reduction. Print media reduction is also imperative, despite protests from those who still enjoy a magazine with a coffee. Addressing pain points is essential to reach net-zero targets, which we discuss in our Good Business blog series.

Our past work

We want to share the work we do to change the working world. Over the next coming weeks, Magenta team members will share progressive campaigns worked on with a range of our clients. See a taste of what’s to come:

“Writing and producing Acclaro Advisory’s annual Sustainable Facilities Management Index report, shows the steps the FM industry needs to do more in this vital field and provided insight into the work service providers are doing in areas such as net zero, environmental projection, social value, and governance.”Simon Iatrou, senior consultant.

“Working for a social enterprise that not only cares about and commits to paying people a living wage, but that actively champions it across the industry, makes our work for Corps Security even more fulfilling.” Jo Sutherland, managing director.

“One of our clients has been supporting Water Unite by donating money from every can of water sold across its sites. So far, Elior has raised £100,000. It has now also encouraged its supplier, Britvic, to get involved by donating even more money per can sold.” Sabrina Stubbs, senior consultant.

“It was great working on the Safe Sick Pay campaign with LGIM and the Centre for Progressive Change, especially knowing it had the potential to make a life-changing difference to the people affected.” Eve Dickie, executive.

“Working on this campaign to minimise food waste feels like you’re making a real difference. Whether that’s through sharing the research with a local MP and making recommendations for PMQs or engaging with the CEOs of four leading UK supermarkets to address the issue.”Shahlia Nelson-Rogers, client director.

How we add value

We remain focused on adding value in five key areas:

  • Inspirational value: Breathing life into our vision and purpose, instilling hope, and doing the right thing by society and the environment.
  • Individual value: Empowering our employees and clients, fostering growth, and creating enjoyable careers.
  • Ease of doing business: Streamlining processes, providing exceptional service, and being culturally aligned.
  • Functional value: Guaranteeing quality, driving innovation, and delivering results that matter.
  • Brilliant basics: Being competitive in price, remaining compliant, and putting ethics at the heart of everything we do.

As we continue our journey, our award-winning team is dedicated to improving clients’ marketing in creative, ethical, and energetic ways. By acting as coach, cheerleader, and muse, we help our clients’ businesses prosper while doing right by people and the planet.

Magenta is successful thanks to many people – our colleagues and associates past and present, every client we have ever worked with, our professional advisers, and our wider networks who have supported us in so many ways. Thank you for being involved in our ongoing story, and thank you for trusting us with yours.

Learn more about the communication services we offer and reach out to find out more about our progressive work.

Sabrina Stubbs