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Every week, we share snippets of campaigns worked on by our team across various areas – from carbon, ESG and young people’s healthy eating to the Real Living Wage and employee ownership trusts.

Each post shows what we always strive to do: good work for good businesses doing good things. Check this page weekly for new contributions. If you’d like to find out more about our new direction, read our 13th birthday blog.

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5. Richard Huck

“It’s a privilege to have worked with our client DMA Group on a societal and environmental change campaign with Rye Community Hospital, the first community hospital in the UK to become carbon neutral. The project has the potential to act as a driving force for others to follow suit, proving that the goal of reaching carbon neutrality is in fact achievable. All it takes is a little patience, investment in the right areas, and a collaborative approach. I think I speak for the entire team when I say l have enjoyed every second conveying these campaign messages to wider audiences.”

Richard Huck, executive.

4. Simon Iatrou

“Facilities management plays a fundamental role in sustainability as well as broader ESG targets. Writing and producing Acclaro Advisory’s annual Sustainable Facilities Management Index report, over the course of three years, showed the steps that the FM industry needs to take to do more in this vital field. It also provided insight into the great work service providers are already doing in areas such as net zero, environmental protection, social value and governance.”

Simon Iatrou, senior consultant.

3. Greg Bortkiewicz

“Becoming an Employee-owned Trust is one of the biggest things you can do to demonstrate a commitment to your workforce. It was an amazing move from Churchill Group and it was great to be able to support them on sharing the news.”

Greg Bortkiewicz, senior consultant.

2. Sabrina Stubbs

“The Eativerse new primary school food concept combines education and entertainment. It has been specially designed to make food exciting and to encourage children to make better choices now and into the future. It is so important children have the best start they can to adopt healthier practices as they grow. I personally feel very passionate about this programme and have been delighted to support the communications.”

Sabrina Stubbs, senior consultant.

1. Cathy Hayward – Corps Security

“In May 2020, ONS data showed that security officers were disproportionally affected by Covid, suffering one of the highest death rates. We supported one of our clients that commissioned research to find out why and what could be done to mitigate this. The resulting research was widely shared with the industry to help to improve the sector-wide response, and Corps Security modified its own approach to the virus. The research undoubtedly saved lives, and I was proud to be involved with such research at a time of national crisis.”

Cathy Hayward, founder and chairman.

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Eve Dickie