Vacant properties & storage

Amplify key messages for your vacant properties & storage services

Vacant properties and storage services are a key part of commercial business. We can help you to reach an audience that requires those services.

Vacant properties

At any given time, there are thousands of vacant properties in the commercial sector in the UK. This can include offices between leases and retail units without a tenant. A vacant property may need various services depending on the length of time a property it is empty. This might be security or general maintenance.


Numerous businesses are looking for storage as a result of changing workplace strategies. Companies that are relocating, downsizing, or switching to a hub-and-spoke model might have a need for storage solutions. That’s because workplace strategies are constantly changing, and businesses don’t want to dispose of equipment that they might need a few months down the line.

We can promote your business

With such a strong demand for vacant properties and storage services, it’s vital to make sure that your business is reaching your target audience. That might be through a public relations campaign, a strong social media presence, or using search engine optimisation to rank high in Google search. The most comprehensive campaigns include all of these elements and more and maximise your brand exposure to potential customers.

We have more than a decade of experience in the FM and built environment sectors, and can support your business to achieve its objectives.

A vacant office room filled with desk chairs

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