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We create meaningful and valuable content that attracts attention and engages your audience.

Marketing simply isn’t possible without rich content. Quality content is key to building a strong relationship with your target audience, generating leads and driving sales. Defining relevant content forms the basis of any PR, marketing, or social strategy. With our expertise, we can talk to your customers in a language that they understand whilst communicating your key messages and topical issues they care about. 

We cut through the noise by producing content marketing across an array of mediums including white papers, emails, reports, guides, tender documents, blogs, video, infographics, press releases, print publications and social media. We have delivered content and strategy for a multitude of international and UK based clients across the built environment sector for both internal and external purposes.

The benefits of content marketing

Content marketing improves reputation, promotes better search engine visibility, expands brand awareness and sparks social media interaction. A consistent approach nurtures the relationship you have with your customers and establishes relationships with prospects. 

Cementing yourself as a thought leader puts you in a more favourable position in the sales cycle. When your customers and prospects view your company as a trustworthy provider, partner even, understand your business and the solutions you are offering, and see you as a valuable, familiar source for advice, they are more likely going to turn to you when it is time to buy. Connect with your audience in an authentic, genuine way and be remembered for the right reasons. 

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We get under the skin of your business, challenge the status quo, and come up with fresh ideas to tell your story. Our creativity and out of the box thinking will get your voice heard.

Content marketing isn’t only good for your customers, it’s good for your bottom line. 

“We engaged Magenta for a number of years to write a series of content pieces ranging from case studies, newsletters, social posts, and brochures. The consultancy has a keen eye for detail, both in the written word and design, and the team knows exactly how to structure engaging and standout content.”

Angela Love
Active Workplace Solutions

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