Creating interactive content through animation is a great way to gain the attention of prospective clients and engage with all audiences

By using animation, you can tell a story concisely that is engaging and entertaining. Animation is a great way to help build brand awareness, since there is an opportunity to discuss brand values, making it one of the most effective ways to reach your audience. By using a video format, you are able to create a perceivable image of your company’s way-of-life that goes beyond all you are able to convey in a piece of writing.

Animation for product launches

Video communication is a great way to demonstrate a new product or service launch within your company. Animation means you can visually show the workings of the new launch, and describe the benefits succinctly. This form of communication is also great for social media, as videos are known to do better within most social media algorithms due to them capturing the attention of the viewer longer than a written post for example.

The use of animation within your own internal communications is also effective for similar reasons. Engaging your employees with your messaging, or just a general company update, can be done through video rather than a traditional email notification.

Creative animation

By using these tools and stepping away from the norm, businesses can help increase employee engagement with core brand values, as well as enhance greater creativity throughout business operations. Here at Magenta, we have access to a number of creatives to help you put together your animation vision for your business.

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