Brand perception and customer audits

How do you measure up? We’ll tell you in a methodical way that will help you realise positive business change.

Brand perception is what your audience believes your product or service represents, and its position in the marketplace. It’s a feeling people have about your brand and what you offer – the holistic view. 

Our meticulous brand perception and customer audits will capture the essence of what your business means to your audience. If you need to revamp your image, we’ll say so. Need to realign your messaging? We’ll tell you. If you’re lacking in brand awareness, we’ll let you know. Once we’ve carefully derived the facts, we can support you in making positive change.

To gauge brand perception, we’ll analyse your internal branding, your company values, culture and mission. We’ll also assess your external branding, advertising and marketing collateral, your PR activity, website, content and email marketing and social media, and conduct surveys where appropriate.

Customer Audits

We also speak to your customers and complile a comprehensive customer audit. As an independent auditor, we’ll ensure they feel comfortable to talk openly during an in-depth interview and garner the information we need to create positive change within your business. We out exactly what they think of your business’ ethos, how they find your sales journey, how they rate your customer service and what exactly they wish you’d do differently with your products. We produce a detailed analysis of all feedback to uncover strengths, weaknesses and opportunities, as well as misperceptions and common frustrations.

Following our brand perception or customer audits we’ll provide insightful recommendations to enhance your company’s marketing and sales, business delivery and competitive positioning.

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Discovering what people think of your business can be an unnerving prospect, but it’s an important exercise for any organisation that wants to improve on its performance.

Read our guide on the topic, or talk to us about managing a brand perception and customer audit.

“The perception audit helped us to understand what our clients really think of us – and where we can improve. Thank you, it was valuable insight.”

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