Internal Communications

An internal communications strategy is critical to keep staff informed, happy and engaged

Internal communications is how a business communications with its staff. While many companies focus on communicating with its customers, not as many have a defined strategy for internal communications – but it’s just as important.

Magenta has a dedicated service to support businesses. Check out our business-to-employee (B2E) communications page for more information.

What should be in an internal communications strategy?

The information a business needs to communicate to its employees is vast. Key areas include:

  • Leadership comms
  • Recruitment messaging
  • Learning & development
  • Recognition schemes
  • Benefits
  • Pension news
  • HR news
  • Brand guidelines
  • Employee surveys
  • Operational change
  • Strategic change

There is no one-size-fits-all approach to internal communications as a strategy will vary by business sector and company size, among other factors.

How you communicate is also a key part of a strategy. With many businesses now operating a hybrid work model, there may be very few days when everyone is in the same physical workplace. Furthermore, communications preferences will vary by employee. With a host of communications platforms to choose from, make sure you find the ones that work best for your staff. This can include emails, Teams, WhatsApp, Slack..and of course, face-to-face!

Good internal communications can inspire

We surveyed 2,000 employees and fewer than 50 per cent described their employer as a good communicator – and 17 per cent would actively describe their employer as a bad communicator. Poor comms can lead to a loss of engagement and loyalty, while strong comms can inspire ideas and innovation.

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With many organisations in the process of redefining, refining or even reimagining the employee experience on offer, more attention needs to be paid to how workplace change, whatever that change looks like, is managed and communicated.

That process can make or break a workplace strategy and the employee experience that goes with it.

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Words matter. Precision matters. Shared ideas matter. Engagement matters. And they especially matter when it comes to communicating change to an increasingly diverse and dispersed workforce.

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