Crisis Management

A crisis management plan is essential for effective communication during times of adversity

All organisations need to be prepared for times where there may be a disruption to the usual routine that requires undivided attention to solve, so there isn’t threat to the organisation or its stakeholders.

That is why we offer crisis management, and why it should be a key feature in the communications strategy of your business. The way in which a business manages itself when in the face of adversity says a lot about its abilities to remain professional and calm, despite facing large problems.

The benefits of effective crisis management

By implementing a crisis management plan, you are already alleviating future stresses from your employees and your customers, and therefore creating a much more secure workplace. Knowing you have an organised plan for the “just-in-case’s” ensures that you will also be able to deal with the fallout from a potential crisis much better. Preparing for issues relating to operations, legal standing or public relations means that you’ll be prepared for any issues that come your way.

Once you can quantify the impact of different crises on your businesses you will have more clarity on how to prepare for every angle of a threat, and therefore respond accordingly if ever necessary. Different types of crisis management such as responsive, proactive and recovery management all have distinct styles for different types of crises, and it is important to have all types covered as they’re all the same importance.

We can support your crisis management planning and help you put together your crisis team by identifying the most effective members of your team for the job.

to discuss how Magenta can help you.

Scandal sells news – which is why there is a whole sector within the communications industry devoted specifically to crisis and reputation management. At Magenta, we know the type of crises organisations within the built environment are most likely to encounter; we have managed an array of crises and know the dos and don’ts; we can offer practical ways to prepare ahead for any eventuality; we can suggest how to manage the situation while in the eye of the storm; and we can handle the communications on your behalf – whether that’s with the press, your customers, employees and stakeholders.

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