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We use search engine optimisation to help customers find your business

Search engine optimisation (SEO) is the practice of increasing the quality and quantity of traffic to a website through organic search results.

Research from SEO Inc in March 2021 found that organic traffic to websites is growing and has reached 53 percent in 2021. Now think back to when you last searched something on Google. Did you click the top result, or did you scroll down the page? How often do you click to see results 11 – 20?

SEO Inc suggests that about 20 per cent of people click the top result, dropping down to around 8 per cent for the 10th result. People expect instant answers and trust search engines to provide them. If you don’t appear high on the list of results, you won’t get the traffic you want.

We run SEO campaigns alongside PR and communications to deliver the best results. Quality content is a huge part of a successful SEO campaign and the benefits of having the same team working on the content, PR and SEO campaigns cannot be understated.

A successful integrated campaign will see your business rank higher in search results for key terms, generate more organic website traffic and increase the number of leads through inbound marketing.

to discuss how Magenta can help you.

We have supported client Business Moves Group (BMG) with search engine optimisation since December 2020. The results so far have been fantastic – the site now ranks much higher for targeted keywords, website traffic has improved in all key metrics, and SEO visibility in local markets is up. Best of all, we have determined that six people every month are calling or emailing BMG after finding the company through organic search. 

“I was not familiar with SEO, but Magenta have made everything so easy to understand. The results have been outstanding and the campaign is paying for itself with new business leads”

Rachel Houghton
MD at Business Moves Group

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