Paid digital media

Paid digital media is an effective method for promoting content and driving exposure

Paid digital media is advertising in a traditional sense; it requires the purchase of ad space. Common paid digital media includes display or banner advertising and search engine marketing (SEM). But it also includes paid-for social media promotion and pay-to-play articles (also known as sponsored or native content).

It can be a fantastic way to expand your reach as a company. This may be a small or new businesses looking to build an audience, or to help an established business overtake its competitors by funnelling more of the demand to its business and away from theirs. It has become an effective strategy for better targeting and control of who is seeing your content.

We can support your paid digital media campaign by identifying the most suitable websites to advertise on, designing your adverts and advising on how to target your adverts most effectively.

Magenta can also support your paid social campaigns. According to the Content Marketing Institute, 72 per cent of the top B2B performers said they used paid social.

We will create, run and manage your campaign, provided recommendations at every step and a full report at the end.

to discuss how Magenta can help you.

Paid media has distinct advantages and can help to reach audiences that might otherwise be unavailable to your company. It can accelerate any SEO campaign or help grow your social media channels, especially in early phases of your business or for significant product or service launches. It can help to bring a lot of awareness to a brand with relatively little time and cost investment. Paid digital media is also flexible and gives your company lots of control over audience targeting and advert content. Download our guide to find out more.

Types of paid media:

  • Responsive display ads
  • Native ads
  • Video and GIF ads
  • Paid social posts
  • Pay-for-placement
  • Search engine marketing

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