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A website is a fundamental part of any business, regardless of size or sector. We can support your website development to ensure that your website is engaging, informative and attracts the right audience.

For new businesses entering the market, the website is the place to get across its message. The web development needs to be carefully planned and executed so that at launch all functionalities are working and the content is clear.

Website development case studies

We designed and built a website for Integrated Estate Management. We worked closely with the client to determine what messages they wanted to get across and the feel of the brand.

Magenta also supports existing businesses who want a new website. Our client Business Moves Group turned to us for the creation and development of a new website, which we launched in 2020. The result is an engaging, content-rich website.

Web development doesn’t necessarily mean a whole new website. It may involve adding new pages or editing existing content. We also monitor the mobile versions of client websites to ensure that all content is mobile friendly.

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Pictures of the Integrated Estates Management website homepage and service page

When we develop a website, we consider much more than the framework. We build the site with solid search engine optimisation (SEO) foundations, an intuitive navigation system and with user experience at the top of our minds. We also develop the content for the website, ensuring that a brand’s key messages are prevalent throughout the site.

Magenta took our brief and created a dynamic, vibrant site that perfectly encapsulates our brand. It truly helped take the IEM brand to the next level.

Alistair Scott

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