Employee Engagement

Employee engagement involves a commitment an employee has to the organisation and its goals

Ensuring you have an engaged workforce is extremely important and has the potential to impact on the success of your business. It is important to remember that employee satisfaction doesn’t necessarily translate to engagement. Your team may be satisfied and show up each day without difficulty, but without engagement in the business’ goals and values, they’re more likely to be drawn away.

The benefits of great employee engagement

Research has shown that organisations with engaged employees are more likely to be successful, with higher service quality, customer satisfaction, and increased sales. Employee engagement is key to activating a high-performance workforce. Additionally, when employees are themselves engaged, they are more likely to put all their efforts into their work.

When an employee feels engaged with the values of a business, and that business is putting those values into practice, then they are guided by their own moral judgements to continue working hard, as this alignment motivates them to be even more involved.

Engagement reflects itself in a team member fully understanding their role in the organisation and how their role is directly impacting others and contributing to the values of the business.

We can provide you with guidance and support in creating a culture of employee engagement at your business.

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We surveyed 2,000 employees and found that poor communication negatively
affects employee engagement.

Everyone in the 18-24 age group says poor communication impacts ‘job satisfaction and enjoyment’.

People need to feel engaged
with what they do, and internal

communications has a major

role to play.

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The cover of the Magenta B2E report

Magenta surveyed 2,000 employees to explore how they rate their employer’s communication – 53% did not describe their employer as a good communicator.

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